Cuba-squareTravel to Cuba for U.S. citizens is legal under guidelines established by the Department of Treasury.

Global Academics can assist with organizing research and study delegations to Cuba for academics, students and professionals as described in the guidelines.”

Global Academics can customize your group’s research and study itinerary in Cuba to specialize in several areas.  Importantly, we have developed relationships with numerous scholars, artists, students and community organizers to provide a more personalized, up-close experience:

  • African Cultural Presence
  • Race, Gender and Sexuality
  • Art, Dance and Film
  • Education and Children
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Health Care

As a revolutionary nation, Cuba continues to fascinate the world and peak the interests of students and educators seeking to explore the nation.  Cuba’s universal access to health care, housing, and education encourage us to think critically about rights and access.  With a life expectancy and literacy rate higher than most developed nations, The Cuban Revolution has its noted accomplishments especially in the face of a U.S. imposed embargo.  Yet challenges still occur in these and other areas which offers opportunity to explore issues of race, access, and internal and external forces that impact the aims of the nation.

Culturally, Cuba has given the world a blend of African and Latin music and art that pulses through the streets every night in Havana and other cities.  Cuba has produced major international figures in literature and fine arts, film, ballet, modern dance and theatre. The country is also renowned for its original rhythms such as the danzón, son, bolero, mambo, cha-cha-cha and more. Cuba’s prestigious cultural events attract international celebrities in dance, music, theatre and other arts. Among these events are the Casa de las Américas literary contest, the Havana International Ballet Festival, the Festival of New Latin American Cinema and the International Jazz Festival.

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