Panama-SquarePanama is the country that bridges central and South America and is bordered by the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea. There are thriving indigenous communities working to preserve land and environmental rights, a large Afro-Panamanian population whose heritage comes directly from various Caribbean islands, a metropolitan capital city and of course the famed Panama canal—An engineering marvel with a fascinating history. This tour incorporates each of these elements of nature, indigenous and Black cultural heritage as we visit communities, rainforests and small islands.

Panama Tour: Panama’s Black and Indigenous Heritage Itinerary

Day 1:

Arrive in Panama City and transfer to our hotel. Dinner together in the city.

Day 2:
Panama City & Canal Tour

“Panama Viejo,” the original city founded by the Spanish
Visit: the “Museo de Afroantillero” to learn about the Black contributions and tragedies during the construction of the Canal.
Visit: “Diggers Museum” to learn about Panama’s Black past.
Tour: Miraflores where we will observe the operation of the Panama Canal

Day 3:
Portobelo Tour

Founded by escaped enslaved Africans, Portobelo has a rich history.
Visit: the ruins of the colonial port, the customs house, a slave auction block and the Portobelo church, where the famous Black Christ statue rests.
Visit: Congo inspired Artists Collective. Guest Lecture on the History of enslaved and rebel African people of the area.
Afternoon visit: to a Cimarroon community for cultural exploration.

Day 4:
Free Day in Panama City

Day 5: Bocas del Toro and the Caribbean Coast
Transfer: to the local airport for our flight to Bocas del Toro, once the headquarters of The United Fruit Co/Chiquita Banana and cradle of Afro-Panamanian culture.
Evening Lecture: on the work of Marcus and Amy Garvey (UNIA) in this area.

Day 6:
Bocas del Toro

After breakfast head out in a small boat to a nearby island for spectacular beaches and snorkeling. Free afternoon for town exploration.

Day 7:
Embera Indigenous Community

Visit: the Tropical Rain Forest of the Chagres National Park
Meet: the friendly people of the Embera-Dura community and learn about their traditions and culture.

Day 8:
Canopy Adventure at El Valle

Visit: El Chorro del Macho (waterfall) , El Nispero Zoo, the petrogliphs and the Handcrafts Market).

Day 9:
Panama Dance and Drum Session

As a celebration of our learning adventure our last day will allow for shopping in the city and will end with a celebration of culture.

Day 10:

At the appropriate time, transfer to the international airport for departure.


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