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About Global Academics

Global Academic was founded by Dr. Siri Brown who has been teaching and leading tours for over 15 years. She is a professor of African American and Ethnic Studies at Merritt College and U.C. Berkeley. Her areas of expertise and passion are on African communities in the diaspora and the means in which African people have used culture and resistance as a means of maintaining self-determination. Equally important to her are the manner in which African cultural traditions have blended with indigenous and colonial cultures as is evident in the powerful influence African culture has had and continues to have in Latin America. As a guide, Dr. Brown has developed in depth relationships with amazingly talented artists and committed activists and has fostered those relationships over years. Her contacts make her tours more personal and the learning more in depth. Her aim is to create “learning that lasts a lifetime” as she sees immersion travel as the most powerful way to come into a respectful understanding of traditional knowledge and culture.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide you with the most comprehensive and complete local school based programs and academic travel related services to fulfill your research, grant and study abroad objectives. The most unique aspect of our services are that we have years of experience in the countries and local communities you will visit. This depth of experience has resulted in relationships with internationally known artists, academics, intellectuals, and community leaders who add depth and expertise to your time abroad.

Promoting Culturally and Environmentally Conscious Travel

Our tours are purposeful in supporting locally owned hotels, guides, producers of culture and the environment. Along the way you will learn about how to travel in a manner that supports your sustainability and community empowerment beliefs.

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