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About Global Academics

Our Mission & Specialty

Our mission is to provide the most in-depth cultural immersion travel related services to fulfill your research, grant and study abroad objectives. The most unique aspect of our service is that we have years of experience in the countries and local communities you will visit. This depth of experience has resulted in relationships with internationally known Black artists, academics, intellectuals, and community leaders who you will meet, learn from and enjoy during your time abroad with Global Academics. We specialize in pre-organized groups including organizations who plan annual meetings abroad, college classes with faculty derived learning objectives, youth organizations who seek globalizing experiences and more. Examples of groups we have led include; taking medical doctors to Cuba to learn about healthcare practices, DEI groups who seek a global understanding about race and identity, and college classes that want to deepen their understanding of the African presence in Latin America.

Our Unique Services

Global Academics offers expertise in cultural immersion travel by providing the following unique services:

  1. Academic Research Travel: Catering to college professors, researchers, and students who are looking to conduct research or fieldwork in the African Diaspora, Latin America, and the Caribbean. You can provide tailored travel experiences that align with their specific research objectives and connect them with local scholars and experts in their field.
  2. Cultural Heritage Tours: Creating specialized tours that highlight the rich cultural heritage and contributions of the African diaspora in specific countries or regions. This niche could appeal to individuals and groups interested in exploring their roots, tracing ancestral connections, and deepening their understanding of their cultural heritage.
  3. Study Abroad Programs: Collaborating with universities and educational institutions to offer study abroad programs focused on African diaspora studies, cultural immersion, and social justice. This niche would target college students who are seeking academic and experiential learning opportunities in diverse cultural settings.
  1. Professional Development for Non-Profit Organizations: Working with non-profit African American social justice organizations and professional organizations to provide customized professional development experiences abroad. This could include workshops, conferences, and networking opportunities with local leaders and organizations, with a focus on sharing best practices and fostering collaboration.
  2. Youth Empowerment and Education: Partnering with non-profit African American youth organizations to design educational and empowering travel experiences for young people. These programs could focus on identity exploration, cultural exchange, leadership development, and community engagement, providing transformative experiences for the participants.
  3. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (D.E.I.) Initiatives: Collaborating with organizations and institutions that are committed to fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion. You can design customized immersion experiences that focus on global understanding of race, identity, and social justice, offering unique perspectives and cross-cultural dialogue.

Dr. Siri Brown

Dr. Siri Brown is a two-time Fulbright scholar for abroad projects in both Brazil (2012) and South Africa (2019). Dr. Brown has over 20 years of teaching experience as a tenured faculty member in African American Studies at Merritt College, and part time in Ethnic Studies at UC Berkeley. She recently served as the Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs & Student Support Services at Peralta Community College District, and was the chair of the Ethnic Studies & Social Sciences department for over 10 years. Dr. Brown holds an M.A. in African American Studies and a Ph.D. in U.S. History with an emphasis in Early American, African American, and U.S. Women’s History from The Ohio State University.


Dr. Brown has led students and organizations on cultural immersion tours for over 15 years. Her love for Black/African culture, expertise in history, and immense cultural competence has allowed her to create partnerships with scholars, artists, and community leaders across the globe, which ensures the development of personalized, educational tour itineraries that are also fun and enjoyable. Dr. Brown specializes in uniquely customized tours that align with your organizations’ objectives.

Dr. Brown’s goal is to create “learning that lasts a lifetime,” as she sees immersion travel as one of the most powerful ways to learn and connect with the richness of the Black world. 

Promoting Culturally and Environmentally Conscious Travel

Our tours are purposeful in supporting locally owned hotels, guides, producers of culture and the environment. Along the way you will learn about how to travel in a manner that supports your sustainability and community empowerment beliefs.

Global Academics is a 501©3 organization that creates opportunities for underserved African American youth to engage in immersion learning and self-discovery through travel to Africa, the Caribbean and Afro communities in Latin America.