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Dominican Republic
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The Dominican Republic is located in the upper Antilles of the Caribbean, sharing a land mass with the country of Haiti. Considered a “hidden jewel”, Las Terrenas has miles of white sand beaches, waterfalls, rich terrane and people who are kind and full of the cultural richness that makes Las Terrenas a place to visit….and never leave. Join us as we explore the history, culture and opportunities to live and invest in the Dominican Republic.

Originally peopled by the Taino and other indigenous communities, the arrival of Christopher Columbus in 1492 would change the face of the island and forever impact the lived experiences of original inhabitants and the African people brought under enslavement to enrich the Spanish crown.

Culturally, the Dominican Republic is a culmination of this history and the influence of the Black Haitian creole and French culture. Las Terrenas is a small, tropical town on the Samana Peninsula, the eastern most part of the Dominican Republic. Its rich history includes a strong African presence and intertwined history with African Americans who came to the region in the 1800’s.