The cultural heart of a people.


Mexico Tour
The Cultural Heart
of the People

The U.S. image of Mexico is one of falsehoods and mischaracterized stereotypes of pervasive cartel violence, poverty, and a desperation to migrate. The majority of those who travel to Mexico, go to resort centered locations where the depth and brilliance of Mexican history and culture is watered down for the tourist.

Travel with Global Academics to experience the richness of Mexican society, past and present. The art – both folk art, murals and the museums are world class. The food is diverse, rich, and full of heritage. The people, even in the second largest city in the world, Mexico City, are kind and full of an awareness of the depth of pride in who they are and what they continue to contribute to the world.

On this adventure, we explore issues of race, gender and politics while exploring the beauty of the culture.