Bahia Brazil

Explorations in Race, Culture and Education

Salvador Bahia is known as the African heart of Brazil. The cultural presence and political power of Afro-Brazilians is steeped in over 500 years of resistance, survival and the strength of the African spirit.


Garifuna Adventures

Belize is a country in Central America which has a diverse society, composed of many cultures and speaking many languages. Belize is culturally unique among Central American nations. It is the only nation in Central America with a British colonial heritage. Culturally, Belize considers itself to be Central American but keeps ties to the Caribbean Islands.


Race, Culture and Resistance

Colombia is a beautiful, safe and welcoming nation full of a rich culture and African heritage. Having transitioned out of years of turmoil, Colombian people are full of pride in this new era and are happy to share the gifts of who they are to visitors.


The Havana Jazz Festival and Cultural Exploration

Santiago is known as the cultural heart of the nation where much of the music, dance and African spirituality originates. It is also the seat of the origins of the Cuban Revolution with many historical sites of honor.


Las Terrenas

The Dominican Republic is located in the upper Antilles of the Caribbean, sharing a land mass with the country of Haiti. Considered a “hidden jewel”, Las Terrenas has miles of white sand beaches, waterfalls, rich terrane and people who are kind and full of the cultural richness that makes Las Terrenas a place to visit….and never leave. Join us as we explore the history, culture and opportunities to live and invest in the Dominican Republic.


Pan Africanism, Heritage and Connection

Many African Americans can trace their lineage directly to the culturally and historically rich nation of Ghana. Ghana was the first African nation to achieve independence from colonial rule (1957) and has thus served as a leading nation in Pan-Africanism and modern development.


Maroon Heritage and Slave Resistance

Known for its beautiful beaches and world renowned reggae music, Jamaica is rich in culture and heritage. Our tour goes beyond the typical tourist trips in that we emphasize the Jamaican Maroon heritage on the eastern side of the island nation.


The Cultural Heart of a People

The U.S. image of Mexico is one of falsehoods and mischaracterized stereotypes of pervasive cartel violence, poverty, and a desperation to migrate. The majority of those who travel to Mexico, go to resort centered locations where the depth and brilliance of Mexican history and culture is watered down for the tourist.


Black and Indigenous Heritage

Thriving indigenous communities working to preserve land and environmental rights, a large Afro-Panamanian population whose heritage comes directly from various Caribbean islands, a metropolitan capital city and of course the famed Panama canal—An engineering marvel with a fascinating history.