The Havana Jazz Festival and Cultural Exploration


The Havana Jazz Festival and Cultural Exploration

As a revolutionary nation, Cuba continues to fascinate the world and peak the interests of professionals, community organizers, students and educators seeking to explore the nation.  Cuba’s universal access to health care, housing, and education encourage us to think critically about rights and access.  

With a life expectancy and literacy rate higher than most developed nations, The Cuban Revolution has its noted accomplishments especially in the face of a U.S. imposed blockade/embargo.  Yet challenges still occur in these and other areas where issues of race, gender and even class privilege expose inequities in the face of progress. On this tour, travelers will explore the historic and contemporary status of key aspects of Afro Cuban life including education, art, health, culture, politics and quality of life in the context of Cuba’s on-going Revolution.

The Havana Jazz Festival – Food and Music Tour, January 2024

(specific dates are to be announced. Typically the festival is in the third week of January)

Cuba’s rich rhythms and depth of musical talent are highlighted at the annual Havana Jazz Festival. Hosted by the legendary Cuban pianist, composer, and band leader Jesus “Chucho” Valdez, the main stage and several venues throughout the city offer the best of Cuban and international Jazz artists including the masters and the new generation of influential musicians. If you love jazz, you will love this tour. You will have VIP access to all the festival venues. By day we will explore the aromas and flavor of Cuban food as we learn about Afro-Cuban history and culture, meet influential artists, intellectuals, poets, and filmmakers, and even take a salsa dance class. In the evening it’s all jazz.

Nearly every Cuban is fully vaccinated against Covid, and the majority have had several booster shots. Cuba leads the world with the highest vaccination rates against Covid. Cuba is a safe, pleasant and enjoyable country to visit.

Traveling to Cuba has opened back up! This tour adheres to all U.S and Cuban Travel requirements and is 100% legal.