jamaica_squareKnown for its beautiful beaches and world renowned reggae music, Jamaica is rich in culture and heritage. Our tour goes beyond the typical tourist trips in that we emphasize the Jamaican Maroon heritage on the eastern side of the island nation. The Maroons are Jamaican descendents of enslaved Africans who ran away from plantations and successfully fought for their freedom. They have lived freely in communities in the hills and near the ocean for nearly two centuries and have thus preserved much of their African cultural heritage. We will explore drum, dance, storytelling and natural healing remedies from this friendly community while we explore waterfalls, beaches and reggae music under the Caribbean sun.

Jamaica Tour: Maroon Heritage Itinerary

Day 1:

  • Fly into Montego Bay
  • Make sure you have your passport! You cannot board the plane without it!

Day 2:
(Montego Bay)

  • Arrive at 12noon and check in to Wexford Hotel or similar
  • Guided Walking Tour with Museum Visit of Sam Sharpe Square, Jail House, and Resistance Monument
  • Analyzing the Images of Jamaica for the American tourist
  • Welcome Dinner with guests speaking on “Montego Bay: behind the tourist image”

Day 3:
(Montego Bay)

  • Breakfast – Sam Sharpe Square Report out: Images Report Out
  • Visit to Rose Hall Great House slave plantation
  • Tour of Green Grotto Caves, site of slave resistance and geographical wonder
  • Lunch on the go: Patties!
  • Tour of Marcus Garvey’s Birthplace, Printing Press, and Library Monument
  • Dr. Green, UNIA St. Anne’s President: “Who is Marcus Garvey?”
  • Dinner at local restaurant “Sweetie” in Montego Bay with Mutabaruka

Day 4:
(Drive to Charlestown Maroon Community)

  • Reggae Beach

Day 5:

  • Community Welcome
  • Guided Maroon History Museum Tour
  • Maroon Drum and Dance session
  • “African Healing Wisdom: Maroon Plant and Herb Medicine Workshop”
  • Afternoon Swim in the river with the community
  • Traditional Maroon Cook out with the community

Day 6:
(Charlestown/Port Antonio)

  • Day Trip
  • Panel: “Life in Jamaica for African People”
  • Neighborhood Walking Tour in Port Antonio. Lead by our friends of the local community. Meet neighbors, professionals, shop owners and more as they talk about local political issues and concerns
  • Walking tour to Monkey Island

Day 7:

  • Somerset Waterfalls
  • Visit to Winefred Beach the last “free access public beach” in Jamaica to learn about the communities fight to keep the beach open and free for the people
  • Swim and relax at Winefred Beach

Day 8:
(Maroon Heritage)

  • Maroon Heritage Hike at Cuna Cuna Pass in the Blue Mountains lead by the Bowden Pen Association of Environmental and Heritage protection
  • Maroon Lecture in the Blue Mountains: Current Issues facing the Maroon People

Day 9:

  • Early Drive to Kingston. Hotel Knutsford Court in New Kingston or similar
  • Tour of Bob Marley’s Kingston home/museum
  • View Film on the life and influence of Bob Marley
  • Guided Tour of the Jamaica National Art Museum
  • Visit to Marcus Garvey’s Liberty Hall
  • Lecture by renowned economist Dr. Michael Witter on “Globalization and the impact on Jamaican Life”

Day 10:

  • Lecture with an attorney from Jamaicans for Justice on police brutality
  • Visit to Coronation Market to engage with the community of vendors
  • Evening visit to the Bobo Shanti Rastafarian Settlement for “reasoning session” on Rastafarian beliefs, aims and “livity”

Day 11:

  • Early Back to Montego Bay for Beach day
  • Good Bye Dinner and Reflection on our experience in Jamaica

Day 12:

  • Fly back to the U.S.


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