Welcome. If you have been directed to this site by your travel coordinator, please follow these steps to sign up for your trip. To inquire as an individual contact us.

Registration and Tour Selection Steps

#1. Register:

Register to provide the information we require to approve your travel with Global Academics. You may log in at any time to update your information. If you travel with us again in the future, remember to review your information at that time to make any corrections.

#2. Choose your tour:

Our tours are custom tailored, and we may have several tours available at any given time. Go to the Upcoming Tours page and find your group’s tour. You will not be able to view the Upcoming Tours page unless you have registered and are logged in. Click Add to Cart to select your tour. If you’re unsure which tour you should select, check with your travel coordinator.

#3. Pay your $500 non-refundable travel deposit:

When you purchase your tour, you will be given a choice of two payment options: a) payment in full, or b) payment of the minimum $500 non-refundable deposit with balance due within 30 days (you will receive 4 invoices to pay from).


After completing your tour purchase, you will receive additional information such as dates for informational meetings, full refund policy, information regarding visas, hotels, what to pack and other requirements for the program, along with invoices when your payments are due.

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